ASKO Repair and Maintenance

Appliance Repair Service, an ASKO Factory Certified Service company, has served the Greater Philadelphia Metropolitan area for more than 30 years. Our factory certified service technicians specialize in maintaining and repairing all ASKO dishwashers and laundry appliances. In 2014, Sub-Zero Group Inc. became the US distributor for all ASKO products. As a result, ASKO customers are receiving the same high-end experience and Factory Certified Service as Sub-Zero and Wolf luxury appliances owners. For more information about what using a Factory Certified Servicer means for you, visit

ASKO’s Environmental Commitment 

ASKO is known for its environmentally conscious and meticulous quality control, all wrapped up in sleek, timeless Scandinavian design. ASKO products are legendary for withstanding the test of time. For example, each dishwasher door is opened and closed 300,000 times to ensure that the door lock, hinge, and loading racks will last. This is equivalent to opening the door 40 times a day for 20 years.

ASKO never compromises on materials, components, or functional solutions. Each detail has a purpose, each solution a reason. Functionality is first, and with it comes a long life span, low energy consumption, environmentally friendly construction and user-friendly solutions.

ASKO dishwashing and laundry appliances are designed with conservation in mind, engineered to minimize water and detergent consumption. ASKO’s environmental commitment received ISO 14001 environmental certification, and most of the components in ASKO appliances are labeled for recycling.


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