Quick Tips

Q: “SVC ICE” is flashing on the control board of my 600 series, 700 series Sub-Zero or BI series. Can I diagnose this myself?

A: Yes. On 600 series and 700 series, open the refrigerator section and look up at the control panel. Push the unit ON/OFF button once to turn the unit off. Leave the unit off for 30 seconds. Turn the unit back on at the ON/OFF button. This will reset the control panel. SVC should no longer be flashing and the word ICE should be displayed on the panel. If ICE is not displayed, push the ICE ON/OFF and ICE should light up on the control panel.

On a BI series Sub-Zero, turn off the unit at the designated breaker for 30 seconds. After it has been off for 30 seconds, flip the breaker back on. This will reset the control panel. SVC should no longer be displayed on the control panel. “Cubes” should now show on the control panel. If you do not see this message, push the “Cubes” button on the control panel to turn on the ice maker.

If you need further assistance, please call us at 610-544-7500.

Q: My Wolf appliance keeps beeping even when the unit is off. Is there a simple fix I can try before setting up a service call?

A: Yes! Turn the unit off for 5 minutes. After 5 minutes turn the unit back on at the breaker. The unit should stop beeping. If it begins to beep again, please call Appliance Repair Service to set up a service call.

Q: My Sub-Zero is leaking on the floor. I have turned it off but it is still leaking. What should I do?

A: Even if the refrigerator or the freezer compartment ice maker is turned off, water is still flowing to the unit. Close the water shutoff valve to your unit to prevent continuing leakage on your floor.

Q: The lights just went out in my refrigerator/freezer section while I had the door open, what should I do?

A: Most Sub-Zeros have a feature that shuts down the section of the refrigerator that has been open too long. Close the door and leave it closed for half an hour and the light and the section should start up again.

Q: The door to my Sub-Zero will not close all the way. What could be the issue?

A: Make sure no food or bottles are blocking the door. Nothing should hang over the shelves in the refrigerator or freezer inside the unit and on the unit’s doors.